Franciacorta and FOOD

Franciacorta is a mecca for food and wine freaks alike, and if you’re more of a foodie, this post is for you!

The two most traditional dishes you’ll find in Franciacorta are Rovato beef with olive oil and  stuffed tench. These two offerings highlight the unique mix between Franciacorta’s two main food cultures; the farmer’s meat-based cuisines found inland, and Lake Iseo’s culture of fresh fish.

Rovato beef is a cut of beef that comes from the cow shoulder, and is simmered for several hours with capers, garlic, onions, bread crumbs, and Grana Padano cheese. Delish. If you feel like cooking a feast, here is an adaption of the classic Franciacorta recipe that comes from the small town of Rovato.

Tench is a fish that comes from the near by beautiful Lake Iseo, and Franciacorta locals stuff it with yummy items like garlic, cheese, butter…. you get the picture.

The common thread that ties these two dishes together is polenta, which is an inseparable component to most Franciacorta foods. Sounds like true comfort food to us….

The ultra-delicious foods are just another reason to visit Franciacorta!



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