What Exactly Does Satèn Mean on a bottle of Franciacorta?

Satèn — as in silky smooth – is a registered brand name of the Franciacorta Consorzio. Satèn can be either a Non-vintage or Millesimato (Vintage) sparkling wine but either way it is made with white grapes only. Satèn is generally made of 100% chardonnay, but it can also have up to 50% of pinot blanc. What it does exclude is pinot noir.

The wine ages for a minimum of 24 months (required) and is only made in the Brut flavor category (meaning not in a sweet Demi Sec nor in a non-dosage which means bone dry – or anything except the crowd pleasing Brut style).

What Satèn is known for is its long, lingering, creamy flavor. The aromas are delicate but there are beautiful ripe fruit, spring flowers and mixed nut flavors.

There is a lot to love about Satèn — go extra silky, go Satèn !

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